A Bittersweet First Birthday!

I’ve written this post a million times in my head.  It is so hard to believe that this past year has gone by so fast and now my sweet Carter is now ONE!  No longer a baby but now officially a toddler and let me tell you he every bit toddles around.  He loves to get into anything he can to, follow us around and is seriously disappointed if he isn’t included in anything we are doing.

I’ve been planning his cake smash for the past year.  He has a love of Mickey Mouse and with us being the Disney fans that we are we felt that it was completely appropriate to do a Mickey cake smash!  He had a wonderfully designed and made cake by Stephanie at Cake My Day Indy and we created a special banner to include in with his session (pictures coming soon!).

I had everything planned in my head, the perfect cake smash.  Anyone who has booked and had a cake smash with me knows I LOVE a good, MESSY cake smash!  The messier, the better.  During mealtimes, he is the perfect messy so I had no worries at all that we wouldn’t have a very messy cake smash.  Now, Carter had other ideas. He wanted nothing to do with it.  He cried.  He wanted to be held and loved on.  He wanted to play in my studio. He had an interest in anything but cake.  So…we tried again later when Lilly was home thinking maybe sissy can help get him inspired to make a mess…no go…so we tried again a few days later in the morning, as soon as he woke up so he would be hungry and well-rested.  Wrong again.  It just wasn’t his thing.

I am writing this to you that as a parent, I get it.  Understand that our littles have off days, dislikes, and well, at this age most of the time, if they don’t want to…they won’t.  Yes, I captured a few great pictures but it just wasn’t what I envisioned, hoped, and even dreamed.  I am sure if it wasn’t me taking his pictures we may have had a different outcome but it is what it is.

So we embraced the toddler in this little guy, celebrated him as much as we could, captured as much as he would let us, loved on him even more, and well, since there was still a delicious smash cake left over…ate it!