Our Vacation

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I was blessed to have the honor of joining my best friend and her kiddos on their family vacation to Duck, North Carolina.  We left Fort Wayne with the two of us and our four kids & headed to her dads house in Harrisburg, VA.  Then the next morning we left for Duck, North Carolina (also known as the Outer Banks).  It was an absolute blast even though we could make the driving portion of the trip double the time to get to our destination than it should have we all had fun and there was a lot of great girl talk while in the car.  I got to show my Lilly the mountains for the first time, the ocean, the beach, a boardwalk, the lighthouse, and the dunes.  Oh how the dunes brought back SO many memories of going when I was younger and how much fun I had.  I trekked with the three little girls by myself to the top of the lighthouse and the experience was phenomenal.  It was so windy and we only stayed up there but a few seconds (long enough to have them hold on to the posts with both hands so I could get a picture without them blowing away) but they loved the experience as did I!  They had so much fun they asked to go again and I had to tell them each person could only go up once as it was so nerve-wracking as I was so scared one of them would fall down the 214 steps we had climbed.  Climbing the dunes was a blast!  The kids just scurried up those dunes (which, if you don’t know the Jockey State Park dunes is the largest natural made dunes on the East coast and there are actually houses underneath it….amazing!)  We climbed a few hills to see the ocean among us and the sight was breath-taking.  We visited the North Carolina aquarium where we got to touch stingrays and sharks and then see the big fish in the wall-sized tanks.  We spent some time at the beach, played in the sand, sat by the indoor pool (it was a bit chilly) and of course sat around and enjoyed each others company, good food, and played games.  It was a wonderful vacation but one that was all too short!  In the meantime, take a moment & enjoy a little glimpse into our vacation and treasure these memories with us.  If you are in love with our beach photos, contact me to schedule your very own beach session while we will be at Lake Michigan in July!